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Free Online Fax Service 11 March 2008

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Here’s a simple, yet extremely useful fax (and FREE) service…

FaxZero is an internet-based fax service that lets you send a free-of-charge fax to anywhere in the United States of America or Canada.


Straightforward to use, just select the .doc or .pdf file you want to send, enter your cover-fax message and the relevant to/from details, and hey presto – off it travels to the other side of the big pond. 

The catch?

You are limited to sending up to two faxes per day, and your fax will be sent with an ad on the cover page. They’re not my ads, and I’m not receiving any commission for sending you to FaxZero. Plus, if you can’t make do with the restrictions, you can always upgrade to the premium service, which I believe costs from $1.99 (about £1) per fax. 

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One Response to “Free Online Fax Service”

  1. Online Faxing is a good service but Axiatel Offers better prices than this Fax Zero. With Axiatel for $9 Canadian you can receive totally unlimited faxes while sending faxes for only 15 cents each.

    Check out my blog to find out more.

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