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Reader Q&A: How Do I Grow My List? 4 April 2008

A reader asks: “I’m having trouble attracting people to my website, more specifically opt-in members for my list. Can you help?”  

Answer: There are a myriad ways of achieving your goals. Here are a some to get you going:

  1.  Make sure your website is targeted for your ideal customer, using language and ‘triggers’ that will appeal accordingly.
  2. Optimise your web pages, especially your home page, using SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to drive more search engines to your site, and help your visibility among the search results.
  3. Start a blog, and link back to your website. Search engines love fresh content, and writing regular blog posts is an excellent way of keeping them happy. 😉 
  4. Make sure your newsletter sign-up box appears not only on your web pages, but also your blog.
  5. Make it worthwhile subscribing to your ezine –– just because it’s free is no longer a valid reason.
  6. Write articles and submit them to online article directories. Make sure your ‘author bio’ or resource box features a live hyperlink to your newsletter, and offer a gift to subscribe.
  7. Use Google Adwords to get qualified traffic. Make sure the landing page is suitably targeted.

Hopefully, this little lot should be enough to get you started and keep you busy for a while! Good luck, and let us know how you get on…

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One Response to “Reader Q&A: How Do I Grow My List?”

  1. You have to be so dang odd no one else is just like you.

    Dr. Tom Bibey

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