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Five Sites Worth Checking Out 14 May 2008

Filed under: Creativity,Online Advertising,Small Business — worddocdooley @ 8:07am
  1. Lifehacker
    Speed through those ‘must be done’ tasks with these useful tech tricks, tips and downloads.
  2. Version Tracker
    A software update site for both Mac and PC users.
  3. TV’s Worst Ads
    Watch. Vote. Vent your horror . . . you get the idea!  
  4. Last FM
    A virtual arena for musos looking to get noticed. Upload your tracks here for others to find. And if you’re just looking for all things music, then this is the place to find it.
  5. Good Things Should Never End
    Scroll down (and down!) this lovely new Flash site from Orange.

Source: Creative Pool newsletter, May 08


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