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About 22 January 2007

Tracey “Word Doctor” Dooley

Tracey “Word Doctor” Dooley of MediaMinister (
is an experienced copywriter and editorial consultant. She has spent almost 14 years crafting compelling communications copy that successfully sells, informs or entertains. Recently, she has added speeches, teleconferences, copywriting and marketing consultancy to her bow. Already, these extra value-added ‘strings’ are receiving positive feedback.

Originally an equestrian manageress at the age of 18 (let’s just say a while ago) in South Africa, it wasn’t long before her obsession with words (which borders on the unnatural) got the better of her. So she returned to the UK and, after gaining post-grad degrees in journalism and PR, she became a dedicated wordsmith.

Since then, she has worked across virtually every type of media — from corporate brochures to advertorials, direct mail to websites, off-the-page advertising to magazines — and every type of subject matter — including general and alternative health issues, lifestyle and entertainment, business, marketing, finance, coaching, and much more.

The comprehensive know-how gleaned through the years means she understands different audiences, can write across the spectrum, quickly absorb new material and appreciates the importance of an appropriate tone and style. And it goes without saying that she has learned to respect tight deadlines and quick turnarounds, too.

What’s more, her journalistic background means she can analyse complex issues and present them in a clear and concise way. While her sales and marketing background allows her to bring a persuasive yet subtle selling “voice” to her writing, regardless of the subject matter.

And because of all this, she doesn’t need to be handheld. She just takes your brief — and delivers copy and concepts that work…that generate leads, build awareness, entertain, increase sales…

Here’s what she can bring to the table for your next project:

Quick Study — she prides herself in being able to quickly grasp the key points on any given subject and devise a logical structure and flow for the written presentation. Her many years of journalistic writing have honed this.

Independent — turning around high quality work with little or no supervision will free up your valuable time while ensuring that the job’s getting done right the first time. She also works comfortably and well in a team environment, if appropriate.

Freelancer Plus — with her broad-based experience across a variety of industries and platforms worldwide, she is confident in delivering a quality product that hits the mark. She is comfortable working with both offline and online media, too.

Then there’s her expansive skill set: copywriting, editing, proofreading, technical writing, creative writing, email marketing, journalism, technical software (including MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook/Office and FrontPage, Corel Word Perfect, Claris Works [for Mac and PC], Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash [basic] and Fireworks, HTML, Photoshop [basic], HomeSite, Quark Express, Adobe Acrobat and more).

If you would like to contact the “Word Doctor”, she can be reached at either ****** or by telephone at 07950 687946.
— E N D S —


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Ron Allen Says:


    I am trying to find a statistic that shows the response rate difference between a direct mail postcard with a specific offer (i.e. 20% off your first order) vs. postcards with just company information. Can you help?



  2. Hi Ron

    I have experienced rates greater than 10% with a well-targeted and compelling postcard. The strength is in the actual offer (is it relevant to the intended audience? How appealing is it? Etc), and how strongly or compellingly it is presented. Adding intrigue and other direct-response elements certainly help.

    Unless you are doing your own tracking, it can be difficult to track down (pun, sorry!) exact figures. But the Direct Marketing Association might well be able to help:

    Also, a quick search produced the following links:

    Hope this helps.

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