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Time to Hang Up the Phone? 9 May 2008

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There is a great debate going on over at Flying Solo’s blog on email versus phone. And let’s not even get started on texting as a business tool.  😉

I personally prefer email. Perhaps that’s because I’m a ‘typical’ writer; fairly eloquent on paper, but face to face or over the phone..!

What I particularly like about email is that it allows me to receive instructions by email that I can, if need be, print off and re-read, ticking off items as I work through them. Moreover, if there is some ambiguity or lack of clarity in the email author’s words, I can reply to the email highlighting that which I don’t understand. Far too often, things can be misconstrued or forgotten when communicating over the phone.

In essence, for me, having a ‘virtual paper trail’ means I don’t overlook or misinterpret that which may have been said (or not quite) over the phone.

That’s not to say I totally ignore the phone. Indeed, it can be a very useful tool, and at times certainly more direct than email. But, as a home-worker, what I have found that if I answer every phone call as it comes in, I wouldn’t ever get any project work done. When working on a client project, it’s important to have focus . . . and that means no interruptions of any kind. Hence, the answerphone is by next best friend.  

What about you? Are you a phonephobe? Do you hate email as a business tool? Perhaps you can’t live without it, and work with clients one-on-one almost exclusively by email consultation… Do tell! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.


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